Thursday, August 20, 2015

A quote from Luther as it appears in Treasury of Daily Prayer for August 16: "Everyone myst benefit and serve every other by means of his own work or office so that in this way many kinds of work may be done for the bodily and spiritual welfare of the community, just as all the members of the body serve one another (I Cor. 12: 14-26)"

Friday, August 14, 2015


One of the great events put on by the Church is a Doxology event. I highly encourage any and all pastors in the LCMS to enroll and attend, as Doxology's purpose is to develop pastors in the area of care for the soul. I always look forward to going as the events do not disappoint. #LCMS #Doxology

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I am addicted

I confess,I am addicted to Words with Friends. Also to Gas Buddy. These two apps on my iPhone I use and abuse all the time. With Words with Friends, I am hooked at playing this game which is much like Scrabble. With Gas Buddy, I keep updating gas prices and entering enteries so that I can win a gas card worth about $100. I have never won the gas card and I keep seeing people who win on Words with Friends. So I have one question, are these people real or is Apple and the app companies playing with me?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wanted: Pastors

Not too many years ago I recall that the Seminaries were on the prowl for students. The pitch was that the Church needed pastors (doesn't the Church always need pastors?). And so, both our Seminaries were trying to enlarge their student body by promising future pastors certain employment. But now things have changed. Oh, we still need pastors, the Church desperately needs pastors. But now, some congregations don't have the money to pay pastors. So, some of the pastors who were promised positions in the pulpits by the Seminaries are now told by their congregations that the money has run out to pay for their pastors. What is a pastor to do? Look for some type of employment outside of the Church to supplement his income. I spoke recently with a pastor who is in the very situation I just described. What will he do? He doesn't know, neither do I. But I do know this: I will pray for this pastor and other pastors who are in the same boat that he is. And I hope, I pray, that the Church will do better by its pastors, by not promising future pastors a job when they graduate from the Seminary. The Church owes its pastors support, and the Church owes students who wish to be pastors the truth that there is no guarantee of a job once one becomes a pastor.